#betterthan Chia Chai Latte
A rich, creamy, satisfying, full of protein, omega 3’s, fiber and just enough sweetness and caffeine to keep you going cup ‘o goodness.
Servings Prep Time
2Mugs 5Mins
Servings Prep Time
2Mugs 5Mins
  1. Choose your favorite mugs and place pitted dates in the bottom.
  2. Take a deep breath. Get quiet and intentionally “draw” your yogi tea bag with your inspiring message for the day. Take another deep breath and reflect on the message. Does it speak to you? Let it nourish you. Let that goodness also fill your cup.
  3. Place a chai tea bag and a vanilla spice tea bag in each mug, pour hot water over both. Set aside and allow to brew.
  4. In the blender, add coconut oil, butter, chia pudding, and vanilla.
  5. Pour brewed tea into blender and zippity zippy zoo it up for 30 seconds to a minutes… until well blended and frothy.
  6. Pour into your favorite mugs and sprinkle your love and pixie dust, I mean the cinnamon on top to garnish (also supports and balances blood sugars) and enjoy.
  7. Find a quiet place and sip for 10-15 minutes to remind yourself that you are the love… it’s already in you. Now you can show up for wherever you are requested next… looking and feeling amazing!